'A newspaper about hair' is a field study about the role of women's hair in Egypt that presents the current cultural discourse surrounding hair and the lives of Egyptian women within this context. It gives an insight into women's lives, a close up via personal conversations, sharing of ideas, thoughts and experiences. The newspaper consists of nine posters held together by a bandage, available in four different colors. Each poster is folded down to an end format. The cover of eight posters contain interviews with Egyptian women, on the ninth poster there is a journalistic text about the topic and the concept of the publication. The backsides of the posters show portraits of all interviewed women (2010).

a newspaper about hair  

newspaper cover  


poster one, interview rania  

poster two, interview salma  

poster three, interview mona  

poster four, interview fatma  

poster five, interview sara  

poster six, interview hanaa  

poster seven, interview mandoura  

poster eight, interview hanan  



an archive about hair and fashion  

portrait rania  

portrait salma  

portrait mona  

portrait fatma  

portrait sara  

portrait hanaa  

portrait mandoura  

portrait hanan